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Triangle Communications and Hill County Electric employees fill diverse roles, ranging from information technology, telecommunications, electrical, marketing and customer service, engineering and operations, construction, sales, administration and computer aided drafting, to name a few.


  • ChristyK2"After over 18 years of working for Triangle and HCE I still love my job and look forward to coming to work every day. I truly believe in the co-op philosophy and am proud that my employer shares my values. Plus, I couldn’t ask for more down-to-earth and enjoyable customers and co-workers!"

    Christy K
    Marketing & Public Relations Manager
  • JohnS"I love the variety of challenges, the people and our mission!"

    John S
    Construction Logistics Technician
  • paulette"I love the people, the pay, the benefits, the open skies, living in a smaller community and having so many recreational options just minutes away." 

    Graphic Design & Promotions Specialist
  • brandon"Family-friendly environment, great pay, great benefits, that's what I love"

    Brandon C
    Combination Technician-Construction-Big Timber
  • Lori"We have the best people, doing the best work, backed by the best management, in the best facilities I’ve experienced in my career. I love that I get to face new and exciting challenges every day I come to work!  This work isn’t easy but it keeps me growing."

    Lori E
    Human Resources Administrator
  • Tom M"There are so many available resources here that really allow me to be innovative in the projects that I'm working on.   The best resource is my co-workers."

    Tom M
    Digital Media Specialist
  • scott s"Walking down the sidewalk, keeping my head high, looking at someone passing by and say "Hi."  Try that next time you’re out of state, it's not that common.  I also like our style of natural disasters.  It gets cold and snows.  We put on a coat.  Life is good."

    Scott S
    Information Systems Specialist
  • angela"The people I work with are amazing! My department feels like family!"

    Angie A
    Marketing Specialist
  • marcella"I love working here because of the long history our co-ops have of serving rural people like my parents who remember when they first got power and telephone.  I am proud to work for a company that cares about its customers."

    Marcella H
    Billing Supervisor
  • Christy
  • John
  • Paulette
  • Brandon
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  • Angela
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